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Professional Title Professor
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​M.D., Ph.D.  in Oncology, University of Paris Diderot, Paris 7, Insitute of hematology
Professor, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the twelfth CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party

    According to the concept of integrative biology- a strategy for systems biomedicine, we have aimed to clarify the molecular regulatory networks related to targeting therapy for leukemia, to apply new approaches for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, to explore the fundamental targeting intervention strategies for leukemia therapy fundamentally.
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​      Our clinical research group has made a major breakthrough in treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Clinical data showed that 5-year event-free survival for the whole group was over 90%. What’s more, we first elucidated rationales and molecular mechanisms of the compatibility of “Jun”, “Chen”, “Zuo” and “Shi” in the treatment of APL with Realgar-Indigo naturalis formula, contributing to helping to the elucidation of clarify the mechanisms of multi-target therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We also found Oridonin exert the most sensitive effect in AML-M2b cells. The oridonin-based combination therapy is expected to become an optimizedation scheme for AML-M2b.
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